My name is Anna Morozova, and I am a QHHT Practitioner Level 2.

These days I know: We Are What We Believe.

Every day, we create ourselves through our beliefs and how we perceive our experiences, how we think about the world around us and the people we meet. We can easily get what we want by using the power of the Subconscious.

Connection with the Subconscious makes me feel confident in my own life purpose, it allows me to move forward with passion and without fear or hesitation. I live my life enjoying every opportunity that is presented to me.

Let’s rock together!


I was born in the beautiful Ural Mountains in Russia. I later moved to Moscow where I studied Sociology at the Higher School of Economics (HSE), one of Moscow’s top universities.

Over my career, I worked for great companies such as Vedomosti (Russia’s Financial Times), Harvard Business Review and the Olympic Committee, before moving into the world of Investment Banking. I have privilege to work for Deutsche Bank and later Sberbank (the biggest bank in Russia) for over ten years. I have worked with and still work for some amazing and inspiring people.

The analytical side of me loved the buzz of the banking world, the thousands of screens, ringing telephones and real-time market feeds.

Soon, though, I realized that no matter how much experience, education or information the guys makings decisions may have, the most successful people were the ones who had a very clear connection with their own ‘gut feeling’, intuition or Higher Self. They more often made the right decisions. This fascinated and intrigued me.


I also have had wonderful experiences of travelling the world, lived in different countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA and England.

During my travels I began to notice that wherever I went, the world over, people experience the same issues. We all face stress and concerns, we all have goals and dreams.

Everybody just want to be happy and healthy — for themselves and their families. And that is always a challenge when we are not in touch with the Subconscious.

We can’t run out of ourselves to another haven place.


Finally, I decided to get serious about exploring the power of the Subconscious. I knew that the best way to do that is to study hypnosis. So, I went straight to Mikhail Ginzburg the top expert in Russia of Ericksonian Hypnosis (light trance).

It was an amazing experience to train under him, through hypnosis I discovered that I could easily help people with such issues as smoking, weight loss, stress and anxiety, trauma, etc.

I completely eradicated my fear of water, which I had lived with for 17 years, after only 20 minutes of being hypnotized.


I loved hypnosis so much that I wanted to explore the possibilities of the Subconscious further and I found QHHT.

The method can easily answer all of your personal questions and solve all of your issues in just one session. Huh!

As a highly analytical person, I thought I would try it first. And you know, my results were just amazing! I found out my life purpose, see how my Past Life corresponded to my present, clean my skin and felt so much love and energetic support.

Immediately I decide to study Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique! After completing the first stage of training I found that my clients had the same great results that I experienced.

Since then, I have had the privilege of being mentored and trained to higher level of certification by Julia Cannon (co-creator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with Dolores Cannon), Suzanne Spooner and Kaya Wittenberg in Sydney, Australia.


My life has changed immensely. Now I am happy to be the part of international community where practitioners all over the world interact and support each other developing beautiful ecosystem called World QHHT.

So here I am now! Sharing these amazing experiences with you.